She’s Insisting Her Boyfriend’s Mom Should Pay To Fix The Damaged Wedding Dress She Was Supposed To Wear

A 23-year-old woman is set to marry her boyfriend, who is 20-years-old, late next month, and they have a child together.

She admits they’re very young for marriage, but they believe they know what they are getting themselves into, so they’re moving forward.

Her boyfriend’s mom Ella is 38-years-old and is not a fan of their relationship.

Ella is aware that their financial situation isn’t great, and she used to fully support her son financially.

After this young woman got pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, Ella pretty much cut her son off, except that she still pays for his college tuition.

“I think she is kind of hypocritical because she obviously had my BF young, but she is very wealthy, so her experience is a bit different than ours,” she said.

Ella had her wedding just a few weeks back, and she was going to just donate her wedding dress after wearing it, so her son was the one that spoke up and asked if his girlfriend could wear it.

Now, this young woman is set to wear Ella’s wedding dress for their wedding in July.

“It’s a really nice dress and I’ve been dieting because she is a bit smaller than me, but I thought with some minor alterations it would work,” she continued.

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