This Dog Named Marley Saved His Owner From A Rattlesnake And Got Bitten Twice But Survived

El Cajon, California. 7-year-old Marley is a Labrador retriever that has spent his entire life alongside his 18-year-old owner Alex Loredo.

Alex got Marley when he was 11, and he was a gift to help him overcome his health issues. Within a few months of playing with Marley and going on walks, Alex’s health issues disappeared.

Marley certainly helped improve Alex’s life, but now he can be credited with literally saving Alex’s life as well.

Alex was at home watching TV one day and finishing some laundry when he walked outside with Marley and heard a frightening sound.

A rattlesnake was coiled right there, shaking its tail rapidly, reading to strike out at Alex.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Marley

Marley wasted no time putting himself between his owner and danger. The snake lunged at Marley, who then tried to get a hold of it.

Unfortunately, in the process, Marley got bitten by the rattlesnake not once, but twice. The snake bit Marley on his neck and also on his tongue.

Alex hurried to get Marley inside of his house and out of the snake’s path, but Marley was already showing signs of suffering.

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