5 People Get Real About Their Freaky Yet True Ghost Stories

There’s really no better pairing than October and ghost stories, and here are 5 stories from people who are positive their ghost stories are real.

Maybe don’t read this without keeping the lights on, because most of these stories will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up for sure.

Marina P. –

The Man In The Backyard

“I’ve had few incidents myself. Something touching me or just a couple of weeks ago something saying my partner and myself name in our ears one night.”

“The freakiest thing I’ve heard is from my mum though. When she was younger she was living with her best friend in a 2 story house that was sectioned off into two living spaces. They lived upstairs and an old lady lived downstairs.”

“They said that from the beginning everything just felt off. Anyway, their key cards kept going missing every few weeks.”

“They would get new ones and the same thing happened. They said every night at around 1 am if they looked out the windows into the back yard there was this man all in black with this huge wide-brimmed hat on. He would just stand there and stare up at them and then disappear.”

“After 6 months they both decided to move out. They went back to make sure they had all of their stuff and opened one of the draws and there were all the lost cards. That night someone broke into the house and robbed and killed the old lady. My mum thinks the ghost or whatever it was was trying to get them out of there.”


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