A Kidnapping, An Encounter With A Serial Killer, And A Stranger Forcing Himself Into Her Car: These Are 3 Things People Say Are The Scariest Things That They Survived

Happy Halloween! It’s the spookiest day of the year, and to celebrate, here are stories from 3 people about the scariest things that they really survived…

…A kidnapping, an encounter with the English serial killer Fred West, and a stranger forcing himself into a woman’s car are some of the freakiest things you’re about to hear.

sonyachny –

The Stranger In Her Car

“A random man came up to me late one evening when I was putting groceries in my truck. He was sitting on a bike but asking me for a ride.”

“I told him no, but he continued to insist. I went to put the cart away and he had put his bike into the bed of my truck and climbed into the passenger seat.”

“I had no phone, no one was out and I froze. I made the poor choice to give him a ride.”

“I was goddamn terrified and I don’t think I blinked the entire time as the man said things like “your husband is a lucky guy” or “wow your lips look nice”. Fortunately my lack of response seemed to deter him and we finally parted ways.”

“Don’t be me. Make a scene. F*** politeness. Anything to get this person away from you.”


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