At His Sister’s Wedding, Her New Husband Cruelly Ruined His Girlfriend’s Dress On Purpose And He Thinks This Jerk Should Pay The $320 To Buy A New One

“He “invited” me to propose to her right then so the memory of my proposal will always be overshadowed by his wedding,” he said.

His sister’s husband told him to relax because he was just joking.

“My girlfriend was standing next to me in her $320 dollar dress when my brother-in-law pointed to the left and shouted “look! There’s a dog over there!”

Naturally, the couple both turned their heads to see what was going on. While their heads were turned, his sister’s husband took the glass of milk and tossed it all over his girlfriend’s blue-colored dress.

His girlfriend couldn’t believe what just had happened, while his sister’s husband just laughed.

He got angry with his sister’s husband and said it was mean of him to have thrown the milk all over his girlfriend’s dress.

His sister’s husband replied that it was a joke, and then his girlfriend stormed out and left him alone at the wedding.

He continued arguing for a bit with his sister’s husband before leaving as well, but at that point, his girlfriend was not answering any of his calls.

“The next day I called him and my sister about what happened and told them I’m expecting him to pay $320 for the dress he ruined,” he continued.

Well, his sister’s husband said he would not pay for the dress to be replaced. His sister accused him of “being overprotective” of his girlfriend before she said his girlfriend shouldn’t wear a dress that she’s afraid of having ruined.

He attempted to then tell his girlfriend he would be happy to pay for her dress to get dry cleaned to see if that would take out the milk stain, but his girlfriend insisted the dress isn’t something she ever wants to wear again since it has terrible memories now associated with it.

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