At His Sister’s Wedding, Her New Husband Cruelly Ruined His Girlfriend’s Dress On Purpose And He Thinks This Jerk Should Pay The $320 To Buy A New One

A 23-year-old man has a 26-year-old sister who just got married to this guy who is always playing pranks on people.

The thing is though, his sister’s husband doesn’t tease people in a good way; everything her husband says and does is pretty cruel and mean.

“It’s like he has no filter,” he said about his sister’s husband.

“Some said he’s mentally ill especially after he started telling jokes at his own father’s funeral and almost caused my sister to get injured from his “count the stairs” prank.”

Although he and the rest of his family members are sick and tired of his sister’s husband playing jokes on them, his sister’s husband doesn’t care and keeps going with it all.

Well, his sister tied the knot a few days ago, and when her husband found out that he was going to be taking his girlfriend to their wedding, he got relentlessly teased about it.

When the ceremony was finished and everyone at the wedding was sitting to have dinner, his sister’s husband came up to him and his girlfriend.

Now, he and his girlfriend were chatting with some of the other people at the wedding when his sister’s husband walked over to them holding a glass of milk.

His sister’s husband then started in on the jokes about him and his girlfriend too.

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