A 2-Year-Old In Arizona Passed Away After Getting Suffocated By A Car Window

Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix Police Department responded to a call this Saturday in a residential area after a someone called 911 about a car accident.

At 7:30 in the evening, officers arrived at Lewis Avenue and 37th Avenue to find that the call was far different than what they were expecting to see.

Sadly, 2-year-old Eimi Patlan-Garcia had been inside of her family’s parked car when she became stuck in one of the car’s power windows.

“When officers arrived they learned this was not actually a traffic collision, but a juvenile girl had been injured while playing inside a parked vehicle at a residence,” the Phoenix Police Department explained.

“The investigation showed the child was injured when one of the vehicle’s power windows was rolled up on her.”

Although Eimi was rushed to a nearby hospital, she later passed away. Her death was ultimately determined to be a tragic accident caused by asphyxia.

Speaking to, the president of Kids and Cars Janette Fennell pointed out that accidents where children get stuck in power windows happen a few times each year.

“People don’t understand the power that these window go up. It has between a 30 to 40 pounds of force and it takes 22 pounds of force to break the trachea,” Janette told the outlet.

Janette continued to say that people do frequently stop and think about how children can become at risk if left in a hot car, but many people don’t consider the harm that can come from the power windows alone.

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