He Was Hit By A Reckless Driver That Didn’t Stop But A Good Samaritan Stepped In To Save His Life

San Antonio, Texas. Just last month on September 19th, a young man by the name of Dominic Iverson was riding his motorcycle through San Antonio.

Dominic approached an intersection, and a driver who had a red light on their side ran right through the light.

This person slammed right into Dominic, t-boning him in the process, and they didn’t even stop to help him.

Although the reckless driver did not slow down or try to assist Dominic in any way, a good samaritan did.

The good samaritan who rushed to Dominic’s side literally saved his life that day with their actions.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Dominic with his mom

“Sunday evening we received the call that every parent dreads,” Dominic’s date wrote in a Facebook post two days after Dominic’s terrible accident.

“While on his motorcycle, Dominic was hit by a car that ran a red light and fled. We only knew he had serious injuries and was in surgery.”

“Two of the three major arteries in his leg were severed and a stranger saved his life by applying a tourniquet.”

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