Her Childhood Bully Just Passed Away And She’s Telling The Internet Her Friend Is Mad She Doesn’t Want To Go To The Funeral

A 21-year-old woman had a pretty awful time growing up since she was relentlessly bullied by a number of kids.

“The bullying has crippled me, even now that I haven’t seen these people in 3 years,” she explained.

There was one girl, in particular, the same age as her, named Amanda, who was one of the worst bullies in the group.

It just so happened that some of her friends and some of the bullies hung out, but she never spent time around her friends when they were with the bullies.

She never intervened with her friends being friendly with these terrible kids since she didn’t think it was up to her to tell her friends what to do or who to hang with.

Well, she recently found out that Amanda passed away, and as soon as other people learned about her passing, they flooded her social media profiles with sweet sentiments and messages about her.

This young woman was the sole person among her friends who did not post tributes to Amanda or say anything about her passing on social media.

“I didn’t want to for 2 reasons. 1) my experiences with her were not the fun and happy kind to talk about in such posts,” she said.

“And 2) in my mind, it would be an insult to do so, seen as though we did NOT like each other in the slightest. Writing how mournful and grief-stricken I am would be a slap in the face for both of us.”

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