Her Cousin Used To Be Her Fiancé’s Friend With Benefits So She Doesn’t Want To Invite Her To Their Wedding

A 27-year-old woman is engaged to her fiancé named Jack, and their wedding will be happening next June.

Right now, she’s in the process of mailing out all of the save the dates for their wedding, but she’s stuck on whether or not to invite one of her own family members.

You see, Jack and her cousin Cass were “friends with benefits” while they were in college. This happened all throughout their freshman and junior years on an on and off basis.

This bride-to-be had no idea that Jack and Cass had been involved in any way since she didn’t even know Jack until after college.

On top of that, Cass and Jack didn’t take any photos with each other since it wasn’t a committed relationship.

When this bride-to-be did find out about Jack and her cousin Cass, she definitely felt weird about it.

Jack and Cass were together well before she met Jack, so, despite the fact that it does bother her, she doesn’t think she has any right to be upset.

Anyway, last weekend this bride-to-be was sitting down with her mom to plan out the guest list, and she noticed her mom had wanted to invite all of her cousins.

“I told her that I don’t want Cass there because it’s awkward for me if a woman my soon to be husband has “been with” over 100 times is at our literal wedding,” she explained.

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