Her Mentor Has Been Sleeping With Her Boss’s Husband And The Whole Company Found Out So She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Alright If She Stops Being Close To Her

A 28-year-old woman used to be somewhat close to her work mentor, 36-year-old Kat. Kat is about 5 years more ahead in their career paths than she is, and when she started working at the company she’s at now, Kat was a big part of her feeling comfortable there.

“We used to get lunch together whenever we could (which wasn’t often and now I know why), and she helped me a lot in the beginning when I was struggling to fit in,” she explained.

Well, she recently found out why Kat was never really around to grab lunch with her.

It turns out, Kat has been sleeping with her boss’s 52-year-old husband. Nobody really knew that was going on until someone at the office anonymously leaked intimate videos and photos of Kat with the boss’s husband.

In the videos, Kat and her boss’s husband were actively speaking badly about her boss, so that certainly made things even worse.

Every single person at the office now knows about the cheating, and her boss has decided to go on leave while she goes through her divorce.

While this has all been going on, she’s now eligible to be promoted, and she has worked her butt off to make it here.

Recently, Kat has tried her best to get in contact with her, and she suspects it is due to the fact that every single person they work with has decided to not really speak to her anymore in light of what she did.

She does feel sympathetic towards Kat in that it has to suck to be so excluded, but she is afraid of spending any kind of time with Kat, for fear of putting her job at risk.

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