Mom Goes Viral For Posting A Letter Her Daughter Wrote To A Kid Who Bullied Her And Said She Was Fat

No mom wants their child to come home from school to tell them they got bullied that day, but Mel Watts is a mom living in Australia who found herself in that very situation.

Mel took this heartbreaking moment and turned it into something pretty amazing though.

She went viral for posting a letter her 8-year-old daughter Ivie wrote to a kid who bullied her and said she was fat.

Instagram; Mel is pictured above with her daughter Ivie

Mel started out her post on Instagram by saying she worries if she’s doing the right thing for her children with how she chooses to parent them.

They all require different things and respond in different ways, as they are individuals.

Mel then started talking about a letter her 8-year-old daughter Ivie wrote to a child who called her fat.

“This letter Ivie wrote to a friend who used an unkind name to describe Ivie, it wasn’t meant in a nasty way, I think it was more of a conversation but the one word stuck with her,” Mel went on to say.

“It made her feel uncomfortable, stand on scales at home and question her body shape.”

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