She Didn’t Bring Her Husband To Her Disabled Sister’s Wedding Party Because She Was Afraid He Was Going To Make Fun Of Her

A 31-year-old woman has a 27-year-old sister with an intellectual disability. Her younger sister lives at home with her mom and dad, as she does need help in her day-to-day life due to some issues with her mobility as well.

While her sister is mentally disabled, she comprehends a lot. A few months ago, their cousin got married, and her sister was sad about it afterward.

“Mom told me my sister started crying asking why she can’t have a wedding and wear a white dress and be a bride, it’s devastating and helpless to hear her speak like that,” she said.

Well, their aunt devised a wonderful plan for her sister, and a few days ago, she got a wedding invitation sent to her phone.

Her husband noticed it, and he wanted to know who was getting married. She told him that her mom and dad were putting together a wedding party, especially for her younger sister.

That was the plan that her aunt had come up with, and her family loved the idea.

Her husband was incredulous, and she explained the plan further to him, mentioning that her family wanted to give her sister a special day where she could get to wear a wedding dress and get to be a bride.

When her husband wondered about who the groom was going to be, she pointed out there would not be one.

The day was supposed to be all about her sister and making her feel special because she never would get the chance to be married.

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