She Forced Her Husband To Send His 18-Year-Old Cat To A Shelter And She’s Asking The Internet If She Shouldn’t Have Done This

A woman moved into the same house as her husband about one year ago. She came along with her 3-year-old dog, an American Bulldog, and her husband came along with his 18-year-old cat.

This woman says that they took things slow in regards to having their dog and cat meet, and at first, they did not put them in the same room.

They then began having the dog and cat get used to the other animal’s smell before graduating to having them in an area where they could view one another without getting too close.

It seemed like things were going well and there were not going to be any issues between the cat and the dog.

Then, things changed drastically. Suddenly, the cat made it obvious to everyone in the household that it did not like the dog at all.

To fix the problem, she and her husband put gates up in their house to make sure the dog and the cat stay apart from one another if they cannot be home to make sure they are being watched.

When she and her husband are home, they take water and put some on the cat when it starts fighting with the dog.

That solution was helping for some time, but then it stopped working and now all the cat does is try to fight the dog.

She and her husband decided to bring his cat to the vet to see if there were any physical issues causing the fighting, but the vet took a look and felt the cat was in great health.

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