Her Male Roommate Wore Her Underwear While She Was Away And She’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This Situation

A 23-year-old woman lives with her 25-year-old boyfriend Charlie and their male roommate, 29-year-old Taylor.

She and Taylor met at work and became fast friends, bonding over the fact that they have both survived some trauma in their lives.

Although all three of them are friends, she admits she’s closer to Taylor than her boyfriend because of the similarities they initially bonded over.

Recently, she and Charlie decided to take a little weekend trip, leaving Taylor home alone. Taylor offered to take care of their dog while they were out of town.

“Charlie and I have a security camera in our bedroom,” she explained. “This camera is aimed at the bedroom door and bathroom door (we have a bathroom attached to our room).”

“Minutes after we left, we got a notification that there was motion in our room. We checked the cameras and saw Taylor just standing in our room.”

The camera then caught Taylor entering and exiting their bedroom around 7 times in just 30 minutes.

She was shocked because she and Charlie really do value their privacy and never go into Taylor’s room unless they ask and he says it is alright.

Up until this point, Taylor has never gone into their bedroom without giving them the same courtesy and respect back.

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