She Gained 50 Pounds In Just 3 Months And After A Doctor Told Her She Had To Be Making It Up Someone Finally Figured Out What Was Wrong

Nashville, Tennessee. 22-year-old Kalista Dwyer lives in Nashville, and she’s gotten popular on social media for being incredibly open and honest about her mental health, in addition to creating amazing body-positive content.

Earlier this year, Kalista posted a video on March 25th in which she revealed that she gained 30 pounds in 2 months, and she became very concerned about what she was experiencing.

She talked about being hospitalized several times due to severe pelvic pain and bloating, but despite seeking medical attention, doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on with her.

Kalista said she went through testing for PCOS and parasites, and she also had her thyroid and gallbladder tested, but she still didn’t have any answers.

Instagram; pictured above is Kalista

She got blood work done, she got MRIs, she had colonoscopies and endoscopies…to no avail.

She continued to quickly gain weight, and then she put on 50 pounds in just 3 months, to her alarm.

She went to the ER 6 times in the weeks that followed the initial onset of her symptoms, and then she started seeing other signs that something was seriously wrong with her.

Kalista’s hands swelled up and she couldn’t eat without severe pain. She was tired all of the time. Her stomach was swollen.

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