She Had To Be Airlifted To A Hospital So She Called Out Of Work And She’s Telling The Internet That After Her Boss Threatened To Fire Her Over It She Quit

A 29-year-old woman used to work as a waitress, and the place where she worked gave all their employees points for different things that they did wrong.

For example, she said if an employee was late, they were given one point. If they called into work and said they couldn’t come in, they were given three points. You get the picture.

This woman really didn’t care about the points, because she hasn’t racked any up and she called out of work only one time in the past three years.

“I’m the type who covers shifts, stays late, and generally just go to do my job,” she said.

Well, a few days ago she was forced to call out of work for a whole week after she experienced a medical emergency.

She had an awful infection and had to be in the ICU.

“I let my boss know at 2 am that I was being sent out by helicopter and kept her informed of everything going on,” she explained.

Yesterday was the first time she was able to return to work, even though she isn’t completely back to feeling like herself.

Since the restaurant where she works is understaffed, she felt the need to make it in. She ended up opening up the restaurant and then started her day.

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