She Revealed A Secret To Her Brother And Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Being Accused Of Ruining Her Father’s Whole Family

A 23-year-old woman says that her mom and dad ended their marriage and separated prior to her even having been born.

Her dad cheated on her mom, and that’s why things ended between them. Their divorce was ugly, and her dad hounded her mom for several DNA tests to confirm he was her dad.

Her dad suspected he was getting duped into paying money to support her, and so he clearly made her mom’s life miserable after he was technically no longer a part of it.

Over the course of her childhood, she really never spoke to or met up with her dad and the family he went on to have afterward since her mom was granted full custody.

She never realized how terrible things had really been between her mom and her dad as a child, but eventually, she found out what had really happened.

She also never knew that she had any siblings, but when she turned 15, she learned that she did have siblings and she attempted to contact them.

“On the rare occasions I was allowed to visit, I was always treated coldly by my stepmother and my father,” she explained.

“It was difficult to get closer to my siblings because of how rarely I saw them. I was fine with that as long as it didn’t seem like my siblings hated me.”

Well, not that long ago she got to spend some time with her brother, who is 20, and he told her something that she found incredibly shocking.

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