She Wants Her Fiancé To Redo The Proposal Because She Hates The Ring And The Story

Last June, she and her fiancé went to a family BBQ. Their parents, their siblings, and one of their in-laws were in attendance that day.

“We all are having fun when towards the desserts portion he decides to make an announcement,” she explained.

“This is where he proposes in front of our families. The ring he gives me is a family heirloom that his grandmother gifted him.”

“Also, one of his siblings caught it on zoom for our older relatives could see. I’m a bit shocked, but I say yes because I do want to marry him.”

“However, since then anytime someone asks to hear the story, watch the video, or look at the ring I just get really sad.”

“Again I wanted to marry him, but I really just wanted it to be the two or three of us (including my dog).”

She did reveal to some of her closest friends that she would like her fiancé to redo his proposal, and a few of her friends think she’s a terrible person to even suggest that.

She also is very concerned that she will lose this family heirloom she’s now wearing, and it’s giving her a ton of anxiety.

How would you deal with this?

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