She Went On A Date With A Creepy Guy She Met On Tinder, Then Asked The Internet If This Was Normal

A 26-year-old woman recently went on a date with a man she met on Tinder, and things got really weird.

As soon as she met this guy in real life for their date, she realized he didn’t quite look like the photos he used on his online date profile.

She really did not find him attractive, but she thought it would be mean to cut things short then and there, so she spent 2 hours speaking to him.

She figure she might change her mind about him if she got to talk to him, but everything only got…worse.

“We didn’t speak much before, he was very touchy-feely and after I let him know I didn’t like it he still continued,” she explained.

“He was always in my personal place and brought up how much money he made, how well of he was, how great in bed he was, how many girlfriends he had, all without me asking.”

“Like, yeah I wanna know about your job but you monologing for over 30 minutes how well of you are just doesn’t work for me.”

She also felt that telling someone about your intimate experiences on date one was a no-no.

When the date came to an end, this guy professed to her that he was very interested, but she replied back by saying she was not feeling the same way.

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