She’s Upset Her Cousin Didn’t Include Her As A Bridesmaid And So Now She’s Ignoring Her

She agreed to make a role for Anna’s sister, and she also made Anna’s boyfriend a role too to make everyone feel special.

After she got married and had children, her relationship with Anna ended up not being quite the same, since they had their separate lives.

A year ago, she gave birth to her son, and it hurt her that Anna didn’t make the time to meet him, despite the fact that where she works is just 3 minutes away from where she lives.

Anna works so close by, but she doesn’t stop in to see her ever.

“Fast forward and now Anna and her boyfriend got engaged,” she said. “She posted on FB her bridal party and I am completely devastated that not only did she not ask me to be in it, but she didn’t even send text or call, saying “hey, I really wanted you in it but, blah blah blah”. Like I cried for weeks about the complete lack of communication and thought.”

“As if all the time spent together and things I’ve done for her and I didn’t even matter enough to warrant a text. My aunt is very self-involved and raised her girls to be such as well.”

She is just so upset that Anna wouldn’t invite her to be part of the bridal party, but her mom is of the opinion she needs to drop it and act like it’s fine.

She’s so hurt that she even ignored Anna when Anna called to say her sister ended up injured (it turns out it wasn’t something that threatened Anna’s sister’s life though).

Given that the holidays are upcoming and she knows she’s going to be spending time with Anna because of that, she’s not sure how to navigate everything.

She’s considering “icing out” Anna, since she can’t believe Anna still hasn’t thought about her, and additionally, Anna’s mom hasn’t either.

How would you deal with this?

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