This Guy Made His Wife Return A $900 Necklace She Bought With His Money And He’s Telling The Internet She Never Asked Him First

A 34-year-old man is married to his wife, who is 30, and his wife celebrated her birthday several weeks ago.

His wife made it very clear to him what she wanted for her birthday present; a particular bracelet.

He went out and purchased the bracelet, which was $300, and the money he used to buy it came out of his own separate bank account.

He and his wife have an agreement that when they buy presents for one another, they do not use their joint bank account. Instead, they use their own bank accounts to make gift purchases.

He admitted that money is a problem for them right now and it was hard for him to spend $300 on her gift, but he did it anyway because he wanted to make sure his wife felt special.

When the day of his wife’s birthday arrived, she opened up the bracelet and she was overjoyed about it. She even wore it as soon as she opened it.

Afterward, he discovered that his wife had bought something for herself already to celebrate her birthday; a $900 necklace.

The thing is, she used the money from his own separate bank account to buy the necklace for herself.

“I asked why she bought herself a gift knowing I already purchased her a gift and asked why she used my money,” he explained.

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