This Mom’s Daughter Harassed Her Teacher Over A Twitch Stream Causing Her To Quit And Now This Mom Is Telling The Internet She Wants To Show The Steam To The New School’s Administration

A mom with a high-school-aged daughter said that she had a female science teacher last year who was in her mid-20s.

At some point during the school year, her daughter and her daughter’s friends all found out their teacher had a Twitch stream.

This mom recently found out that her daughter had saved the teacher’s Twitch videos to her phone.

“First of all, the teacher is streaming as some kind of weird big boobed anime character????? She’s extremely inappropriate, using foul language and also making sexual comments super casually on stream,” this mom said.

Her daughter has around 50 videos of her teacher’s Twitch stream saved in Snapchat. Initially, this mom did not know who this person was, so she asked her daughter about the videos.

Her daughter replied that she and her friends think that the Twitch streamer is their teacher but they’re not positive. They do think the streamer has the same exact voice as their teacher does.

Anyway, her daughter’s teacher ended up leaving the school district a few months ago, and this mom googled where she had gone.

This mom wants to email the school’s administration to show them the Twitch stream because she doesn’t think it’s an appropriate activity for a teacher to have.

She even went so far as to ask the parents of her daughter’s friends what they think about show the administration, and many of them think she should let it all go.

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