This Teen Started Sobbing When Her Sister Announced Her Second Pregnancy And She’s Revealing To The Internet She’s Afraid She’s Going To Be Stuck Caring For This Child Too

A 17-year-old girl has a 23-year-old sister named Beth, and the relationship between has become strained since Beth had her first child 2 years ago.

Beth had a boy, whom she named Leo, and right after she gave birth to him she went through a terrible depression.

Beth’s postpartum depression got so bad that her boyfriend and the father of Leo made her move out of their home, and he made her take Leo with her.

After Beth and Leo got kicked out, they moved in with Beth and this teen’s parents.

“I can’t go into details, but her depression was severe,” she said about Beth. “It made life a living hell for me…to come home from school and deal with my extremely depressed sister and a newborn baby.”

Her parents were too consumed with their careers and Beth could not even look at her son, so she was the one who was made to take care of Leo.

She said that she had no experience with newborns at all, but everything fell on her because Beth did absolutely nothing for Leo.

“I would describe that year as the worst of my life. I feel like my sister’s post-partum depression was rubbing off on me because I felt sad every day,” she explained.

The entire year that she was stuck taking care of baby Leo, Beth attended therapy, and she wound up improving.

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