This Woman Is Trying To Raise Money To Get Custody Of The Abused Little Girl She Has Been Caring For

Salem, Oregon. A woman named Bekah Sells has been caring for a little girl by the name of Luciana who Bekah says is severely abused by her own family.

Bekah explained that she first started reporting Luciana’s mom to CPS last year, hoping they would step in and do something.

Unfortunately, they did not help Luciana in the way that Bekah was hoping, so she decided she had to step in and do something.

Bekah has made an offer to Luciana’s mom to let the little girl live with her in her own home, which she agrees to at times.

Since Bekah does not have legal custody of Luciana, when Luciana’s mom wants her daughter back, Bekah has to hand her over, knowing that it’s not going to be good.

Bekah says that when Luciana goes back to her family, she is physically, emotionally, and mentally abused, and her mom is homeless so she takes her to different motels.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Luciana

“Each time I’ve picked her up she’s been clearly drugged and is so drowsy (I learned later on her mother gives her large doses of Benadryl to knock her out so she doesn’t have to deal with her), she’s starving, has no shoes on, hasn’t been bathed, has a saggy diaper on and has been physically abused from all the marks I see on her body,” Bekah wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“When she is with me she becomes a joyful child again, laughing, talking, happy and healthy being taken care of properly. She has her own bed at my home, her own side of the closet full of clothes, shoes and hair accessories I’ve purchased myself for her.”

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