Her Mother-In-Law Smeared Fake Blood All Over Her Wedding Dress And Wore It As A Halloween Costume So She’s Uninviting Her To The Wedding

You might think your mother-in-law is the worst, but yours has nothing on this poor woman’s mother-in-law who ruined her wedding dress, then made it into a costume to wear on Halloween.

This bride-to-be started out by saying that she has never gotten along well with her mother-in-law because she simply does not like her, and her mother-in-law feels the same way about her.

This has been incredibly difficult for her to deal with, and she never has found a solution to this major issue.

Things spiraled out of control for her though after she learned she was pregnant and shared the news with her mother-in-law, whom she was living with at the time.

In response to her pregnancy, her mother-in-law said she would like her out of the house before the baby arrived, and she added that she didn’t want to see the baby or have anything to do with the baby.

So, this woman moved right out along with her boyfriend, who then proposed to her. They welcomed their son into the world, and then her mother-in-law somewhat changed her tune.

Her mother-in-law offered to help them out with their wedding. She figured things might be looking up for a change, and she was expecting to be able to get along enough with her mother-in-law to make her fiancé happy since he was very upset over the whole situation.

As part of offering to help out, her mother-in-law paid for her wedding dress, which was being kept at her mother-in-law’s home.

Something happened between her and her mother-in-law which caused their relationship to go south again.

Ulia Koltyrina –

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