A Pharmacy’s Mistake Almost Cost This Mini Australian Shepherd His Life And They’re Not Willing To Make It Right Because They Consider Pets To Be Property

Having already paid more than $4000 for Archer’s emergency care, Tina is concerned that without financial support, her sweet dog will not be able to continue receiving treatments to stabilize him. 

Tina recently posted an update to the GoFundMe saying she is “cautiously optimistic” but still unsure if Rite Aid will step up and pay Archer’s medical bills. On one of their calls, their legal department even referred to Archer as “personal property.” 

Rite Aid’s Risk Management Specialist also told Tina that the company would only be responsible for “the purchase price of the animal or the cost of medical bills, whichever is less.” But anyone with pets knows that they aren’t property—they’re family.

Tina wants Rite Aid needs to assume responsibility for its mistake and protect humans and their pets from future life-threatening errors.

Even if you’re not able to donate to Archer’s GoFundMe, which you can check out here, Tina asks for your help sharing this story.

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