After A Night Out, She And Her Best Friend Wound Up Dumped In Front Of Different Hospitals: Now She’s Dead, Her Friend Is In A Coma, And Their Families Say They Were Drugged Against Their Wills

Los Angeles, California. 24-year-old Christy Giles grew up in Mount Olive, Alabama, but moved to Marina del Rey along with her husband so she could work as a model.

Christy’s loved ones say that she was a beautiful, sweet, and caring young woman. She was brilliant, kind, radiant, and the most amazing friend.

She celebrated her 24th birthday earlier this month, and one of her goals for the near future was to work on her acting career.

It was Saturday, November 13th, when Christy and her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola went out for a night on the town. Hilda is an interior designer, and she moved to LA not too long ago herself.

At some point while Christy and Hilda were enjoying their night out, they encountered a few men that turned out to have far less than the best of intentions.

Instagram; pictured above is Christy

Christy’s family says that the men that she and Hilda met that evening ended up drugging them shortly before they were set to leave a party and get in the Uber they had called.

Chillingly enough, Christy texted Hilda to say they really needed to get out of there, along with a shocked emoji.

Before Christy and Hilda could leave and get in their Uber, the men they ran into were able to drug them.

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