For The Past 7 Years She’s Suffered From Seizures And Strokes Yet Fought To Get Better When Doctors Never Thought She Would: Now Her Sweet Son Is Trying To Make Sure She Can Regain Her Independence

Chicago, Illinois. Shawn Blond is a young man living in Chicago whose mom Susan has suffered from seizures and strokes for the past 7 years now.

It was back in 2014 that Susan had her very first seizure, and it left her with such terrible brain damage that the neurologists that saw her truly never believed that she would be able to talk or walk for the rest of her life.

Susan was able to make major strides in rehab though, and she worked her heart out to beat the odds and get better, which she successfully did.

She ultimately was able to go home due to the immense progress that she made, but only a year after her first seizure, she suffered from a second one that had her back in the hospital.

Sadly, this second seizure did even more damage to the area of Susan’s brain that had been affected by the first seizure.

“She struggled in rehab for 4 months learning how to walk and talk again,” Shawn explained on a GoFundMe page for his mom.

“She was unable to go home for 3 years which included time in an assisted living facility and retirement home.”

“She fought tooth and nail to better herself and in 2018 she worked so hard at getting better she was finally able to move into her own apartment and live alone again!”

GoFundMe; pictured above is a recent photo of Shawn and his mom Susan, along with a photo of them from Shawn’s childhood

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