He Wants To Adopt His Brother And He’s Telling The Internet His Wife Is Mad At Him Because Of This

A 28-year-old man has been married to his wife, who is the same age as him, for 2 years now and they are currently expecting a baby.

Around a month ago, his parents very unexpectedly passed away, leaving his 14-year-old brother orphaned.

“My parents died in a car crash about a month ago and my brother(14M) has nobody to turn to except me,” he explained. “We have no other living relatives.”

“I decided to take in my brother until he’s an adult but my wife feels like it’s not our responsibility to care for my brother and since she’s pregnant, she wants me to focus only on our child.”

He pushed back on his wife, pointing out that his brother literally is homeless with no options, and he wants his brother to live with them.

His heartless wife doesn’t seem to care at all though and is fine with his brother being adopted by strangers.

“She’s mad at me and is refusing to talk to me unless I put my brother up for adoption,” he continued.

He added that it won’t be difficult on him and his wife from a financial standpoint to adopt his brother, because his parents left his brother and him an inheritance.

Additionally, his parents had money set aside to pay for his brother’s college, and he can always use that to help take care of his brother if money ever becomes an issue.

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