Her Boyfriend Passed Away Just Days Before Proposing, But His Family Believes It’s Wrong For Her To Keep The Ring

A woman, aged twenty-six, and her boyfriend, aged thirty-two, initially met when they were married to other people.

The woman was married and pregnant with her five-year-old daughter when they first met. Her now-boyfriend’s ex-wife was also pregnant with his five-year-old son at the time.

As luck would have it, both of them got divorced within just a few months of each other. After already knowing each other for six years, they reconnected and began dating shortly after in March. By the time they started dating, both the woman and her boyfriend had three kids each.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend’s childhood presented him with some complex challenges. When he was just one year old, both of his parents passed in a car accident.

Afterward, he was adopted and raised by family friends. He also gained an adopted brother and sister. Although, their relationships were not always the easiest.

“His sister has lived with him since his oldest was born and was a nanny for the kids in exchange for a place to live. His brother always resented him,” the woman said.

“My boyfriend graduated high school at seventeen with an associate’s degree and went on to get a doctorates degree by the time he was twenty-seven. He’s worked really hard and, in addition, has a trust that his parents had set up for him. He was blessed financially.”

When her boyfriend and his ex-wife split up, the boyfriend also gained full custody of their kids. In his will, the boyfriend designated that his brother and sister would gain custody of his children should anything happen to him.

He also allocated a monthly allowance for their expenses as children, then the rest of the money is designated into lump sums for milestones such as school, weddings, and more.

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