Her Boyfriend Killed Her In An Arkansas Motel 30 Years Ago And Even Though Her Relatives Have Been Found They Have No Idea Who She Actually Is

James had fled the scene and told a very different story when police were able to catch up with him.

He insisted that she had taken her own life and shot herself. The only thing he admitted was that he had hit her that day.

James also told the police that her name was Mercedes, and other people at the motel who knew her confirmed that was her name.

But this is where things start to get weird.

Mercedes was carrying several identifying documents that had photos of her and stated her name was Cheryl Ann Wick. Ok, so her real name was Cheryl and people just called her Mercedes, right?

Wrong. Mercedes was not the real Cheryl Ann Wick at all. When authorities made a call to Cheryl’s family to notify them of her death, they had no idea what they were talking about.

Cheryl wasn’t dead in the least, but she had misplaced her own social security card. She thought that maybe Mercedes had taken it from her purse while she was working at a club as a dancer.

She had no idea who Mercedes was and didn’t recognize any photos of her, but it turns out people that thought they knew Mercedes could confirm she also worked as a dancer. So perhaps that’s how their paths had crossed and Mercedes was able to obtain Cheryl’s social security card and a driver’s license with her photo and Cheryl’s name on it.

Mercedes had a few different things that authorities thought they could look into in order to find out who she really was.

El Dorado Police Department; Mercedes is pictured above in a photo police found among her few personal possessions

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