Her Friend Says She Ruined Her Wedding Day All Over A Necklace

A 31-year-old woman recently was in her 30-year-old friend Mary’s wedding, which happened last week.

Mary asked her to be one of the bridesmaids, to which she agreed. She has been friends with Mary since they were both back in high school, making her Mary’s oldest friend that was part of the bridal party.

The other women that were asked to be bridesmaids were all people that Mary had met in college, and she actually never was introduced to any of them until they all went away for Mary’s bachelorette party.

It’s also worth mentioning that she really did not know any other people that were invited to Mary’s wedding except for Mary’s closest family members.

Anyway, fast forward to right before Mary’s wedding. She was going to bring her fiancé to Mary’s wedding as her plus one, but then he got sick right before the big day.

“Our 5th anniversary of our first date was 2 months ago and he got me a beautiful opal necklace on a gold chain specifically to wear to the wedding because it complimented my bridesmaid dress,” she explained.

“I asked Mary in our bridal party group chat if she was alright with us wearing our own jewelry to the wedding, she said no problem.”

Mary’s wedding finally arrives, and she is there as a bridesmaid. She and the other women in Mary’s bridal party got up very early so they all could pose for photos in front of the chapel where Mary was getting married.

“Mary sees my necklace and loves it, and actually asked if she could switch her necklace with mine,” she said.

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