Her Roommate Revealed An Embarrassing Secret Of Hers To Her Crush So She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong To Ask To Change To A New Roomie

An 18-year-old girl is currently a college freshman, and for the most part, she’s loved her whole experience…up until recently.

One thing she really enjoys is the social life and all of the parties she can go to. She learned not that long ago that every time she drinks, she ends up wetting her bed.

“It’s really humiliating for me and makes me super self-conscious,” she explained. “It’s not as though I blackout, it’s something about alcohol that ruins my bladder control as I sleep.”

She’s wet the bed approximately 5 times now since she arrived at college this year, and at one point, her roommate saw her hiding what had happened.

She pleaded with her roomie not to tell a single soul about her bed-wetting, and this girl agreed she wouldn’t share this embarrassing secret of hers with anyone.

Apparently, her roomie just couldn’t keep her secret though, and when she was at dinner with a few friends a couple of days ago, one of the guys there cracked a joke about her wetting the bed.

“I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life,” she said. “I sobbed for hours knowing that my whole friend group knows about my problem.”

Well, it had to have been her roomie that shared her secret, because nobody else knows about her bedwetting except this girl.

She was furious to know that she was outed after this girl promised not to tell anyone. She was so hurt that she went home last weekend to see her mom.

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