Her Sister Declined Being A Bridesmaid In Her Wedding And She’s Angry Because She Thinks Her Sister Owes Her

A 24-year-old woman is getting married soon, and she fully expected her 27-year-old sister to be part of her wedding party, especially since she was a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.

She and her sister are not similar at all, but despite that, they still have a great relationship.

Her sister works as a curator for a big-deal museum and is in the middle of completing her PhD.  She’s a cosmetologist and is trying to get her very own salon.

Anyway, her sister got married 2 years ago, and she was one of her sister’s bridesmaids. Her sister’s husband is very well-off, and her sister’s wedding was extremely luxurious.

“It was wonderful, but I felt that I made quite a number of sacrifices when it came to her wedding,” she explained.

“I kept telling myself that when it was my turn, she would return the favor.”

Now she’s engaged, and in contrast to her sister’s wedding, she just wants to have a backyard, BBQ-style event.

She and her fiancé have been taking their time getting their wedding planning together, and they’re having their wedding this upcoming summer.

The other evening, her sister and brother-in-law came over to her place for dinner, and when her sister wondered how the wedding planning process was going, she brought up the fact that she wanted her to be a bridesmaid.

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