His Wife Is Too Jealous To Go To His Sister’s Wedding So He Called Her Out For Being Selfish

A married man says that his wife was never welcome in his family and as soon as his mom and younger sister met her, they were awful to her.

His mom accused his wife of being annoying and refused to talk to her. His younger sister accused his wife of destroying their family and decided to be exceptionally mean to his wife.

His sister Jane was the only one who wasn’t terrible towards his wife.

He felt that he had no choice but to stop contact with his mom and his youngest sister, and that was exceptionally hard on him.

In fact, he says it was the most difficult thing he has ever had to do in his life, and he did it because he felt that was the only way he could be a “good husband.”

After he made this decision, Jane agreed to still be in his life, but she did ask him to attempt to repair his relationship with their mom.

Things didn’t really work out though, and he and his wife continued on with their life together. They went on to have a very small wedding. His mom was not there, and neither was his younger sister.

The wedding that he had with his wife was held at the courthouse with a couple of their friends in attendance. Although his mom had promised to pay for his wedding when the time came, she obviously didn’t, and their wedding also was not what his wife wanted at all.

“I know that wasn’t her childhood dream,” he said about his wife’s wishes for their own wedding. “She is totally the princess type who had been dreaming about a wedding since she was a child.”

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