His Wife’s Nephew Has Been Hoarding His Dirty Underwear And He’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong To Kick Him Out Of Their House When He Found Out About The Dirty Secret

A 29-year-old man is asking the internet for help after his wife’s nephew was caught hoarding his dirty underwear.

Their nephew started living in their house a few months ago because he was having issues with his mom.

This man admitted his sister-in-law is a terrible person, so he was more than happy to take his wife’s nephew in.

Their nephew’s dad also isn’t part of his life and any other family members that could help him live too far from where he goes to work and school.

So, their house seemed like the best fit.

“Don’t know when exactly the situation started only that I began noticing over the last couple of months that my boxer briefs were going missing whenever it was time for me to do laundry,” he said.

“As in I’d only find a couple in my hamper when I’d try doing laundry. I thought it was weird but didn’t think anything of it.”

“I keep it in the closet so figured maybe they fell out when I toss all my dirty clothes in there.”

“But it started to get even more noticeable when I actually had to buy more because I had no idea why they were disappearing. My wife just thought I was losing them by not paying attention.”

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