She Freaked Out On Her Husband After Recently Learning He Ran A Background Check On Her Before They Got Married And She’s Asking The Internet If Her Blow Up Makes Her A Jerk

No matter what her husband or his family members said, she could not calm herself down. Her husband tried to pull her away into the bedroom they were sharing to discuss everything in private, but she refused.

She said to her husband that she would be leaving right then and there. Her husband then asked her to not leave, and instead, he offered to.

Given the fact that the vacation home is owned by his mom and dad, she did not feel comfortable staying in the house while he had to go somewhere else.

In the end, she went to a local hotel, where she stayed the night. The following day, she flew home and so did he, even though the vacation was not over.

She’s now left wondering if blowing up was a jerk thing to do.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“I don’t know your relationship but if this was me and funnily enough I am about to get married in a few months time, I’d feel massively hurt. I pride myself on being honest about flaws and all with my partner and perhaps you’re the same?”

“If your husband is IDK royalty, a celebrity, high up in the world, I’d be more inclined to understand his reason for this, hell I’d even expect it but I’m under the impression that this isn’t the case.”


“It makes a little sense if it’s only on your spouse, because some people may have been cheated on in the past, manipulated, etc. It’s still a little weird. But extending it to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS…”

“I probably would’ve freaked out as well. I suggest you talk to your spouse about any trust issues and such he may have, and try to get him some help.”

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