She Made Her Stepmom Leave Her Wedding But She Never Made It Clear She Wasn’t Invited In The First Place

A 25-year-old woman just tied the knot with her 26-year-old husband, and she made her stepmom leave her wedding.

The thing is though, she never made it clear her stepmom wasn’t invited in the first place. She started out by saying that her mom and dad got divorced back when she was 14-years-old.

Not long after that, her dad got married again, and this time to a woman named Brenda. She spent equal time with her mom and her dad growing up, and she has a nice relationship with each one of her parents.

She is one of 5 children; she has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Brenda always made it clear when she was younger that her brothers were more important than she and her sister were.

She thinks it was because Brenda was jealous, and Brenda didn’t hide her contempt for her and her sister.

One of the things that Brenda constantly did was comment on things her dad wanted to buy for her and her sister.

Brenda made it seem like they were just spoiled, but when her dad bought things for her brothers, Brenda never said a single thing.

She felt Brenda was always nasty to her for no reason at all.

“Fast forward a couple of years, I haven’t been in contact with Brenda that much, only seen her a couple of times when I’d go visit my dad and she remained the same ol’ mean Brenda like I always knew,” she explained.

Natalia Chircova –

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