She Spent The Past 5 Years Cancer-Free, But After Becoming Pregnant She Learned That Her Breast Cancer Has Returned

Nora’s medical team has determined the first thing that needs to be done is that she needs to have surgery to take out the tumor.

They also are currently figuring out if Nora should undergo chemotherapy, which can pose risks to her unborn baby.

Not willing to put her baby in harm’s way, Nora is exploring non-toxic and proven treatments that will be safer for her baby.

The downside to these treatments is that they are exceptionally costly, and her insurance company will not cover them at all.

“Between the costs of these services (estimated at $65,000 – $78,000), potential unpaid time off for my both my husband and I, a new baby, and travel, we are needing to come up with $100,000,” Nora said.

In light of the fact that these life-saving treatments are so expensive, Nora has created a GoFundMe to help cover her medical bills.

If you would like to donate to Nora’s GoFundMe, you can do that here.

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