She Told Her Husband He Totally Deserved Being Called An Idiot At Thanksgiving Dinner For What He Insensitively Said To Her Sister’s Kids And She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Have Sided With Him

A woman and her family just had the first Thanksgiving together since her brother-in-law passed away in his 30s after suffering from a terrible medical condition.

Her brother-in-law, her sister, and their children always spent Thanksgiving at her mom and dad’s house.

Understandably, her sister and her sister’s children are still devastated by the loss of her brother-in-law, so she wasn’t positive they were going to be at Thanksgiving this year.

She was quite astonished to see them on her mom and dad’s front doorstep on Thanksgiving day, just as they were sitting down to have dinner together, but everyone was thrilled they made it.

Her sister and her sister’s children took seats at the dinner table, and everyone began enjoying dinner.

The conversation between all of her family members was casual, but then her husband stopped chatting and pointed a finger at the chair that sat empty.

“Damn, that’s where Thomas used to sit wearing that same brown trucker jacket and talk about his plans for the future even when sick,” her husband then said.

“I looked at my sister and saw her grudgingly staring at him as he went on to speak to the kids directly asking if they miss daddy and they noded,” she explained.

“He then looked at my sister then back at the kids and said, “Oh please don’t be so sad because Daddy’s just gone to sleep just like we all do…except that he won’t ever wake up.” We were all shocked as my niece started crying suddenly and my sister got up from her chair and started unloading on my husband calling him an idiot and that he should’ve kept his mouth shut and not talk to the kids like that.”

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