She Told Her Husband That If He Loves His Mom More Than Her, He Should Marry His Mom

A 25-year-old woman has a husband who is 5 years older than her, and she says he truly is the love of her life.

“We both come from a similar background except for 2 things,” she explained. “My life back home was really hard that by the age of 7 I was a full-grown adult taking care of my mother, the household, and everything else in between.”

“I also suffered homelessness, starvation, and even financial problems but made it out of the nightmare. He grew up in a divorced household where both parents are in the picture.”

“His mother suffered a lot of hardships while taking care of both of her children(my husband and his sister). So when I started dating him I notice that he was really close to his mother.”

“I just thought that that was the normal relationship between parents and child since I was a parent to my mother.”

Well, it turns out her husband doesn’t exactly have a normal relationship with his mom. She’s been with her husband for several years now, and they married quite quickly after she came back from serving in the armed forces overseas.

That was one year ago that they got married, and now they’re planning an official wedding. She still feels happily married to her husband, but deep down, there is one thing that has been nagging at her.

“I have a feeling, no I know that when his mother dies he will be completely destroyed and not be able to function as a human being,” she said.

“And this was even fortified by the fact that when I was looking for a venue for our official wedding and his mother took it from me and he just said I should just let her have it.”

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