She Told Her Husband That If He Loves His Mom More Than Her, He Should Marry His Mom

“Not only did she pick the exact location she also picked the exact decoration and date that I wanted for our wedding.”

She immediately got angry about this and confronted her husband about why he did not intervene and prevent his mom from taking their venue for their wedding day.

Her husband’s response was because it was for his mom, and she asked him if he feels she or his mom is of greater importance to him.

She’s upset because her husband routinely picks his mom over her. For example, when she was sick in the hospital and in need of surgery, her husband didn’t come to be by her side because his mom needed his help moving some furniture around in her house.

Anyway, back to the argument over the venue; she was exhausted over the fact that she never comes first when it comes to her husband choosing his priorities.

She ended up getting right in her husband’s face and yelling to him that if he loves his mom more than he loves her, perhaps he should be marrying her.

After that, her husband refused to speak to her, and he thinks she needs to apologize to him and also to his mom for what she said.

How would you deal with this?

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