She Wants To Have Her Wedding At The Home Of The Guy She Dated In College, And Her Fiancé Freaked Out When He Learned About Their Past Relationship

“Rick found out recently and not in the best way. Not sure how but from what I heard from friends is that one mutual friend told him (no idea why) we used to date.”

“Not only that but apparently Carla said a couple of years ago she was still in love with me when she was already dating Rick.”

“Don’t have actual confirmation if that’s exactly what he was told. All Carla’s told me is that Rick was told about our past and he’s angry at her for never saying anything.”

Everything blew up, and Carla didn’t say a single thing to him for more than a month. Then, she reached out to him to say she and Rick are going to counseling and they still want to have the wedding at his house.

The issue is, Rick is insisting he can’t come to the wedding or be at his own house that day, which definitely seems like a weird request.

Also, why is Rick mad about them dating, and doesn’t want him at the wedding, but is somehow fine with the wedding still being at this man’s house?

This man told Carla that he and his wife aren’t going to go stay somewhere else for the entire weekend while Carla and Rick get married at their house.

He then pointed out that Carla and Rick are just going to have to find another wedding venue.

Rick, Carla, and some of their friends are now telling this man he’s a petty jerk for not letting them get married there.

“Honestly don’t think that I am, it just doesn’t make sense at all to have to leave our own place for a wedding we’re no longer welcome to and leaving our home totally vulnerable,” he admitted.

“Still, being accused of sabotaging their wedding and Rick believes it’s the least I can do after everything.”

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