She Was A Bridesmaid At Her Best Friend’s Wedding And She’s Telling The Internet The Bride Is Refusing To Speak To Her Because She Doesn’t Want To Throw Out Her Bridesmaid Dress

“This is YOUR dress, bought with YOUR money and is yours to do with what you please.”


“I used to plan weddings & I am so very sick of the whole “but I wanna act rude and entitled because it’s my special daaaay” BS.”

“It’s a wedding; meant to celebrate a loving union & solemn commitment with friends, family & community.”

“It’s a lovely dress you bought to support her in doing that. So, you did what you were supposed to (I assume). You paid for a dress that she liked (and probably other stuff) and spent the day supporting her and bringing joy to the celebration.”

“What a strange exercise weddings have become in selfishness.”


You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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