She’s About To Get Married So She Wants To Abandon Her Adopted Siblings But She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong

A 25-year-old woman basically adopted her siblings back when she was just 18, and she’s been the one taking care of them for pretty much a decade.

She never legally adopted her siblings, so now she’s wondering if she can abandon her 16-year-old brother and 14-year-old sister because she’s about to get married.

When her father died, she was 16, and her mom ended up falling apart. Suddenly, they were all homeless, and her mom struggled with substance abuse issues.

Her mom didn’t seem to care at all that she was dragging her 3 children around to motels or the houses of different guys.

As soon as she celebrated her 18th birthday, she was able to find a place of her own, and she took her younger siblings with her.

She struggled very hard to make ends meet, as her mom gave them nothing. She picked up a full-time job and also picked up other side jobs to afford their housing and meals.

“In essence, I became their mom and they were my kids. For a long time, we only had each other,” she said.

“My mom drifted from state to state. She only reached out when she wanted money or a place to sleep.”

“10 years later and she has a job and is mostly sober. She has a nice condo and recently got a brand new Mercedes.”

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