She’s 29-Years-Old And Beginning To Fall In Love With Her Sugar Daddy, Who Is 31 Years Older Than Her

He ticks off all the boxes of what she wants in a man and then some.

He’s obviously successful, he’s intelligent, and, well, she’s attracted to him despite the fact that he’s 31 years older than her and basically the same age as her dad.

Not only is she attracted to him, but she’s also beginning to fall in love with him. He makes her feel special and wanted, and he can provide the stability she craves.

He is extremely fit and looks to be about a decade younger than he actually is. She does not think her family will approve of the relationship at all if she moves forward with it though, and her dad will especially be upset by them being together.

“He told me that he was falling for me first,” she continued. “He’s been married three times before with no kids and I don’t want to get married or have kids so it seems right and sensible to us.”

The relationship she most recently had before she decided to explore the sugar daddy website ended over the fact that she does not want children, so clearly that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker here.

She feels as if all the men that have been in her life have simply let her down, and he doesn’t.

His money isn’t want makes him attractive to her, and she would be more than happy to sign a prenup if their relationship progressed past a standard sugar daddy and baby arrangement.

How would you feel in this situation?

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