She’s Planning On Renting Her Wedding Dress And Everyone Is Mad At Her For Not Wanting To Buy One

A 25-year-old woman just got engaged to her 26-year-old fiancé. Now that it’s time to start planning for their wedding, they decided to have a wedding on the smaller side.

They’re paying for all of their wedding expenses by themselves, and though they are doing well together financially, a smaller wedding makes the most sense to them.

“Since we’re paying for everything, we’ve been making most of the decisions, and one of my decisions was to rent the dress,” she explained.

“I just don’t see the point in paying thousands of dollars for one dress I can never wear again. My fiancé agreed with me.”

It is a pretty curious thing to stop and think that yes, many people end up shelling out thousands of dollars for a dress they wear one day of their life and that’s it.

Anyway, as soon as she had told her loved ones about her engagement, everyone was jumping ahead to ask her about her wedding dress.

None of her loved ones wanted to discuss anything else, and during the course of the conversation, she made it clear that she wouldn’t be buying her dress; she would be renting it.

“Well, they were livid,” she said. “Almost everyone present pulled me aside and lectured me about how that dress would contain so many cherished memories, how everyone in the family still owned their wedding clothes, etc.”

“I suppose they had a point: Every other married woman in the family still has her dress, and several of my cousins have gotten married in their grandmother’s or even great grandmother’s dresses.”

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