She’s Wondering If Bringing Her Baby To Her Infertile Cousin’s Wedding Might Be Rude Of Her To Do

Her cousin’s sister further feels that her baby will steal the show away from her cousin who is getting married.

Her cousin’s sister wasn’t exactly nice when relaying all of this to her. “She called me selfish, callous, and even said that I would be being vindictive since they didn’t go to my baby sprinkle,” she said.

“I ended up hanging up on her after this went on for several minutes.”

Right after she hung up the phone, she sent a text to her aunt to see if this really was how everyone felt about her baby coming to the wedding along with her older children.

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She figured there was a chance her cousin’s sister was simply being impossible since she does tend to have this kind of personality regardless of situations that arise in the family.

Her aunt really did not give her a single thing to go off of, and she’s still left confused.

She would just reach out to her cousin directly to talk about her feelings, though there’s a problem with this; her cousin made it clear to speak to her aunt about all things that pertain to her wedding since her aunt is the one doing all the planning.

“I don’t have any childcare options to leave my 3-month-old for most of the day to travel across the state for this wedding, as my mom is the only person who babysits and she is also attending the wedding,” she concluded.

She has decided she will be taking the baby too, even though it might get her in trouble with both of her cousins.

How would you deal with this?

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