She Took Her Son Trick-Or-Treating And She’s Telling The Internet That He Was So Rude, She Made Him Pass Out His Own Candy To Other Kids

A mom took her 9-year-old son trick-or-treating yesterday for Halloween, as she does every year on the 31st of October.

Everything was fine, but then they walked up to one house, and the owners had placed a candy bowl on their porch.

A sign on the bowl indicated to please only take 2 pieces of candy. Her son ignored the sign, stuck his hand in the bowl, and picked up an entire handful; around three times the amount of candy that the sign said.

She immediately had her son return the extra pieces of candy to the bowl, and she told him that if he took all of the candy there would be nothing for the kids that were trick-or-treating after him.

“From then on he had an attitude,” she explained, “and the last straw was when I told him to stop grabbing so much candy from people and he screamed “No!”

“We had only been out for about an hour so I took him right on home. Took his candy bag, dumped it in a bowl, and told him to come sit outside on the porch with me.”

“He objected of course, as kids came by and took handfuls of his candy. He complained they were taking too much and I told him that he shouldn’t have done the same then.”

Her husband got home from work later that night, to find that their son was sobbing in his bedroom.

Her husband wondered what was going on, so she filled him in. After she finished telling him what happened, her husband accused her of being mean to force their son to give out his candy to other children all over the fact that he was grabbing more candy than he was supposed to.

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